Here are some of the things people have said about our videos, Twenty Dogs, Twenty Trucks and Truck Tunes!


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We were given this video as a gift for my 5 year old son. He absolutely loves the video so we purchased another one for a Christmas gift for his best friend. She's also 5 and loves dogs & I know she will absolutely love this video as well. It's taught my son so much about dogs. Every time he sees a dog, he tells us all about that dog. For example, we have a black lab and he is constantly telling people that our dog is a great swimmer. Thank you for making such a fun and entertaining educational video. We love it. - Breahna, Aurora, OR


Our 18-month old grandson is nuts for your trucks DVD. His mom tells us that it never fails to brighten his mood if he gets crabby. When I told him on a video call yesterday that you had made a dogs video as well, he went crazy in anticipation. Really — waving his arms, saying "Yay, yay!" and jumping around. So of course I had to order it as soon as we finished the call. The other 2 discs are for grandma's house for when he comes to visit. Thanks for your creative songwriting and making learning DVDs that children really love. - Denyce, Fairfield, IA


Thank you so much for your products! We bought the package for our truck-loving 3 year old son a couple months ago & he has loved them more than we expected. He watches the videos as often as we let him & he listens to the CD EVERY day, sometimes several times/day! I can barely get his little truck t-shirt clean before he puts it on again! (and it just happens to be "lellow", which is his favorite color!) I've recommended you guys to everyone I know w/ a truck-loving preschooler! Our favorites are the excavator & fellerbuncher videos! Thanks for providing fun, wholesome, quality, age-appropriate entertainment for our little guy! - Janet, Camano Island, WA


We already have the set but I accidentally left the 20 Trucks DVD at the beach last week! TRAGEDY! I figured I'd order the package to share with friends. Great video! I attribute my son's ability to count to 16 at 20 months old to the tractor trailer section of your video. (Once he gets to 16, though, he just says 16...16...16...16!) This set is literally the only thing he watches EVER for going on 5 months now. He will randomly break out in the Fork Lift Boogie. Anyway, I could advertise for you guys, or maybe he should. Thanks again for a hit! - Meghan, Martinez, GA


We bought the DVD package after seeing the excavator video on YouTube for our son's second birthday. He'll soon be three and it is by far his favorite DVD. I used to work for a Cat dealer and he would often come to the shop with his mother to see the "big diggers". He now knows and can say the names of the trucks in the video. In fact he recently corrected a 5 year old cousin that the toy he was playing with was not a digger but a front end loader. The songs are fun and great to sing along with, and its great to see your son (or daughter) showing an interest in what you do for a living. Thanks for offering a great product a great price. We wish you continued success. - Philip D, Lake City FL


I am sure you get this all the time....my 3 yr old son loves these disks, we actually played the dvd so much it got worn out! He knows every song by heart.......this is such an encouraging dvd for young boys that are into construction! Thanks for a great dvd and music cd! - Laura Y, Pennington NJ


Just want to let you know how much my son LOVES the ULTIMATE TRUCKS PACKAGE. They are great DVDs. Thanks for an awesome product. He has also taught himself how to eject DVD's, press play & play & play.... He wiggles & dances to the songs. Very cool. From a HAPPY customer. - Vanessa K, Riverstone Australia


I just wanted to send you a sincere "thank you" from me and my entire family, especially my 3 yr old son. A while back we discovered "twentytrucks" on youtube, and soon after ordered the DVD/CD/Shirt package. Our Twentytrucks CD has kept us sane on many-hour road trips, and the video has brought order to our household in times of chaos! And boy, do we need it, living in Steamboat Springs, CO, the snow has us stuck inside a lot! Our only dilemma these days is prying off my son's twentytrucks shirt to get it into the wash once a week. Sometimes I curse you for that! So, again-thank you so much for your amazing product, and we will be looking forward to printing out the cards, and coloring pages, and as I am sure you hear time after time, I hope that you have another music CD/video in the works! Don't get me wrong, we love your "tunes," but we are just ready for some new ones! - A sincerely, thankful family, Steamboat Springs CO


Just wanted to let you know that THE TRUCKS DVDs/CD t-shirt pack has been such a hit with our son. ...and I must say with us as well. We always have your songs stuck in our head LOL. We bought the items in July and they still get more play than any other video or CD. THANKS! - David C


My 21 month old boy absolutely LOVES the 20 trucks DVD! He has learned the names of all the trucks and also has learned how to count up to 10 by watching the tractor trailer and the car carrier pieces! I am purchasing a pack for him (so we have a spare and he gets the next dvd and t-shirt and cd - what a great deal!) and a second for a friend's boy who is just as obsessed with trucks and will love receiving it for his 2nd birthday! Thanks so much for bringing this non-cheesy, non-animated, real life look at trucks to our children! - Renee H, Adelaide Asutralia


My 3 year old son has worn the t-shirt EVERY DAY since we received the package in the mail last Friday! We love the videos and cd too.....! - Anne Marie E, Hoover AL

All I can say is 'Wow'! Your service was incredibly fast (we ordered the DVD on Friday and by the next Friday it was in our lounge room in Australia). The DVDs are sensational, I bought the DVDs for my 18 month old son (who has an obsession with diggers), but his twin sister and two older sisters love it as well. All four sit down and watch it enthralled, my older girls are now naming all the different trucks we see as we drive around town. The t-shirt is also a winner, anytime he spots it, on it goes and all day he points down at the different trucks on the front. Needless to say I am very impressed and intend to order another couple sets as gifts for friends children. Thank you! - Felicity L, Norwood Australia


My 3 year old son has worn the t-shirt EVERY DAY since we received the package in the mail last Friday! We love the videos and cd too.....! - Anne Marie E, Hoover Alabama


My two-year-old son's crazy about your videos, and trucks, diggers, etc. Must be a boy thing, as we've never pushed this on him!! I've worked in television for almost 20 years, and these are the most well-produced videos like this I've seen. Nice job, and thanks again!- Jordan T, Regina Canada


I just wanted to e-mail to let you know that our 2 year old son absolutely loves the Twenty Trucks DVD’s. I organised for my Sister to get them for his birthday recently after we found you on the internet and I think we have watched them a number of times each day since. Every morning he wakes up and the first thing he does is go to the TV saying Digger, Digger, Bull dada (Bulldozer in 2 year old speak). We find they are not annoying like most children’s DVD’s and My Husband & I are continually catching each other singing along to the DVD’s without even realising!! We are from Australia and my Sister was very impressed with the service you provided (She e-mailed a few times to ensure the DVD’s would work on our DVD players) and at the speedy delivery of the package. The T-shirt is more like a dress on him but he doesn’t care – he’s more than happy just looking at it anyway!! So just wanted to say thank you – you have made another little boy very happy!! - Sarah K, Gordon Australia


Hi, I recently purchased your DVD/CD/T-shirt set for my son's 2nd birthday as he is obsessed with diggers. He loves it. Well done, and keep it up! - Libby C, Auckland New Zealand


Just wanted to thank you for coming up with a fun and creative way to learn about trucks. Our 2 year old son watches it about twice a day and has really started to notice the difference between the trucks and what they are used for. We love the dvd and t-shirt. I do not know how you can up with all the lyrics, some of those are very good and educational. Thought you might want to know what a great impact this is making on young boys just like my son. He can't live without it. Stephanie P, Manchester MO


Well, my son viewed his DVD package and loved it! Even slept in his T-shirt and is wearing it today. Tough part is, now the TV remains on, with his truck DVD playing… all day! He even dances, sings along, while clapping his hands with the CD. It is truly a gift of joy and education. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. God only knows, what these little guys will someday grow up to be, but one thing for sure…they will be able to at least “Name Twenty Trucks!” - Steve S, Leonville LA


Thank you so very much. My 4-year old son just received the package today and watching the DVD as I type this email. He LOVES it!!!!! Thanks again and I am very happy we ran into your TwentyTrucks.com video on YouTube – this is how we found you. - Michelle P, Manchester NH


My son loves Twenty Trucks and Truck Tunes! Our whole family has learned so much and had fun doing it. When I saw the deal you had going with the two dvds, cd and t-shirt, I had to get them. Thanks for the fast shipping! - Erin O, Grandview MO


My son is in love with this package. Is there a place I could leave some feedback? Everyone needs to know about this package! - Kimberly S, Buckeye AZ


I just wanted to contact you and tell you how much we love this product! We ordered the delux package with the tee shirt and the CD and the two DVDs and I can't get over what an amazing bargain this was! The whole family really enjoyed this, and I can't believe how immensely informative the movies are! I know I even learned a lot! My son is three and has always called all construction vehicles "tractors" and now he is learning not only the names of these vehicles but also a little bit about what they do and how they impact the world around him. This is a great feature for me, the way these movies and songs make my son more aware of things and how they affect each other is amazing. There simply aren't words enough to express how happy I am with the whole thing. The price was way below what I feel this was worth, and the shipping was really quick! The quality of the videos and the creativity of the songs is above reproach. Thank you so much for providing an incredible value and a really enjoyable learning tool! I hope you make more like this for other items that kids enjoy. - Tiffany B, Fort Wayne IN


We love Twenty Trucks. Great products by a company that obviously knows and loves truck-loving kids. Very reasonable prices, very fast service. - Alisa I, Pittsfield MA


The only thing that's hard to decide is which my 2 year old nephew likes better, Truck Tunes or Twenty Trucks! He simply LOVES both and I could not be happier with the DVDs. He already knows two or three songs by heart, and he has only had the DVDs for a few days. He can now name more construction vehicles than most adults I know thanks to Truck Tunes! I strongly recommend these DVDs! The only complaint I have is, since I want to maintain my favorite uncle status, I now have to find a toy Delimber somewhere! Excellent work! Quality product - and Excellent service! When the post office lost my first order, the company stepped up and overnighted a replacement in time for my nephew's birthday! Looking forward to the next DVD!.- Al H, Ann Arbor MI


We want to thank you for your excellent product! We have enjoyed the movies many times. What we enjoy most is the CD. It is a staple in our car and played every time we turn the car on. The entire family knows all the lyrics and sometimes I feel we sing them in our sleep! This would not be bearable if the music were of poor quality, but it is not, it is of excellent quality! It is also a great day when we can wear our 20 Trucks shirt. We love that the movies are only 30 minutes and that we can pick different chapters to watch. Our son does not watch much TV, but we feel he has learned so much from your songs and DVDs. We spot every “truck” when we are out and about. His truck vocabulary astonishes family members, strangers, and friends. He is simply just using vocabulary he learned from your products. Thanks for putting out such a great product. We have recommended it many times and will definitely pass along the movie to a friend! - Abby, SLC UT


Our two-year-old always answers with “Truck Tunes” when asked what show he wants to see. We have a fun little ritual where dad does a dramatic “say-along” of “Hammershark… Wow!” when the video is loading! Thanks for a terrific product. I told my wife that your company actually “deserved” to have us purchase your product, not just for us to borrow it from the library. - Jim R, Redwood City CA


I have 19 month old son who absolutely loves your videos! Both my husband and I are in television and it was next to impossible to find a truck video that had great production values, was entertaining to watch and was full of great footage. Then my husband found your video and our son is OBSESSED. He doesn't want to watch any other truck video. We watch the video, listen to the CD and also watch it on You Tube. I never thought I would know the name of twenty trucks, but I do. I find myself driving to work saying..."oh look, there's an excavator!" Not to mention, my son squeals at every truck that we pass. Thanks for a great product. It's really fantastic. - Tanya, Toronto Canada


Our local libranian just purchased Truck Tunes and our son can't get enough of it! We have to have our own copy! And a t-shirt too? He won't know what to do with himself! - Tina C, Speedway IN


I got the twenty truck dvd for my two year old son. He loves it. But, the best part is that my husband and I do too. My husband is a lowboy/ log truck driver and really into all the different machines and trucks. Last week I bought the truck tunes dvd, shirt, cd and another twenty truck dvd for my nephews. My son waits by the dryer for his shirt to come out to put it back on. Thank you for making this! - Brooke D, Dallas OR


Our library has 20 Trucks and our almost 2 yr. old son absolutely loves it. He started watching it when he was about 18 months old and constantly asks for "Twenty Twucks"! Now we're getting it for his 2nd birthday and he will be so excited. Thanks for making the video! - Bethany G, Chesaning MI


Seriously, we have the Bob the Builder DVD, the Watch Em Work series, I Dig Dirt, and the Rockin' Wheels series - but the #1 DAILY request is "Twenty Trucks". We really think that our son learned to count from this DVD, instead of Sesame Street. The other videos have been viewed once or twice each, while this one is on at least once a day. And, I have to tell you, my son even knows the intro "hammershark" voice and says it along with (your son?)! We are fans! I will be buying some more as gifts for upcoming birthdays I'm sure. - Dawn M, Rocky Mount NC


I just wanted to thank you for making the Twenty Trucks DVD. Our 2 1/2 year old son Brenton can't get enough of it. He brings it everywhere we go to share with friends and family and it is always a hit! It has also become a great learning tool for us. We don't mind if he watches it two times in a row because we have seen his number and memory skills improve every time we watch it together. - Kristen C, Woolwich ME


My 4 year old son received your Twenty Trucks video for Christmas and it was a huge hit! The entire family sings along and shouts out the truck names. Great fun! I am also thrilled that the Twenty Trucks video has helped clear-up any confusions my 4 year old had with numbers from 1-20. Matthew has made a list of 20 more trucks in anticipation of what you might put on the new video. My 2 year old son is loving the video as well. He is shouting out numbers and truck names almost as quickly as his older brother! - Britta M, Toronto


My twenty-three-month-old son Gordon loves the Twenty Trucks DVD, and asks to see it daily. It is one of the few that we don't mind watching over and over. Since seeing the DVD he calls out the names of the trucks as we drive, and sometimes calls out, "Night-night tractor trailer," etc, as he falls asleep. We are hoping that you will produce a sequel featuring twenty more trucks, perhaps construction vehicles. Thanks - Marlene M


This is a fun video for young kids who like trucks. My three year old loves to shout along with the kids' voices numbering and naming the twenty trucks. - Phil L, Denver CO


Received your video on Saturday -- it's wonderful! Enclosed check for the one I received and two more please. I will watch your website for future products. As an educator I was very pleased with the simplicity of your explanations and visuals for new vocabulary. I hope your endeavors thrive. - Kathleen C, Phoenix AZ


It's a hit with my two year old! He can't say much, but "truck" is one of his favorite words. So, when are the rest coming out? Looking forward to future projects. - Michael W, Portland OR


I recently ordered the Twenty Trucks DVD from your company for my two year old grandson. He loves this so much that he might just wear it out. I was very impressed with the quality and the two week demo. Please send me more info as it becomes available. Keep up the awesome job. - RC, Wingo KY


There are two kinds of children’s videos: those that are fun for young and old, and those that are insipid for anyone with a double-digit age. Twenty Trucks is definitely fun for all, though I’m not sure which is better – watching the video or watching the reaction of my toddler. Maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two – ever hear of a grapple truck before? Although the picture quality varies widely from segment to segment, it does not get in the way of the fun. And the theme song is very cute. - Gregory G, San Francisco CA


My son loves the DVD!! When are new releases coming out? - Antony M, Pacifica CA


This DVD is both entertaining AND instructional for young kids. The videos, songs, and narrations in the DVD focus on the twenty trucks, helping kids learn and satisfying their curiosity. This is a great DVD for kids, especially for kids enthralled by trucks. - John G, Salt Lake City UT


My son LOVES Twenty Trucks! Any ETA for Twenty More Trucks? I'll be the first person to order. - Jerry A, San Diego CA


I have two sons (2 years old and 4 years old) that love this DVD. These boys are fascinated by each truck segment in the DVD and ask to watch it over and over. It's fun to see them calling out the name of each truck; they are especially fond of the monster truck segment. - Gregg S, Mesa AZ


My son loves the Twenty Trucks video and I would just like to know if you have any release dates on any of your other videos. - Tim R, Andover MA


I bought the Twenty Trucks DVD as a present for my nephew's 2nd birthday and he loves it! I thought it was about one of the cutest things I've ever seen when he stood and waved "goodbye" to one of the trucks as it honked its horn. The "Can you name Twenty Trucks" song that begins and ends the video is very catchy. I've caught myself humming the tune more than once. - Melissa K, NY NY


We went out of town this weekend and when we picked up our mail yesterday, the DVD was already there! We were happily surprised! And our 2 yr old son loves it already too! ...Thanks a lot for making this. Will there be any future products? Please let me know, and thanks again! - Debbie B, El Mirage AZ




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