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Twenty Trucks DVD

20 Dogs
In "20 Dogs" you’ll meet all kinds of dogs, from big to small and everywhere in between. Watch them work and play and learn more about what makes each kind of dog different.┬áSing and dance along with ten cool songs as you watch all the dogs in action.┬áChester the Chihuahua will show you why, “It isn't so bad to be so very small", while Buck the St. Bernard will demonstrate why “Being big Is fun”. By the end of the DVD, everyone will be singing “I love dogs and dogs love me!"

Run time: approx. 48 mins.


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Ultimate Trucks Package

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International customers: Our DVDs are encoded for all regions and we ship internationally via First Class Mail for a flat rate of $10 US. Please allow up to two weeks for international shipments.

  Who are the 20 dogs?

1. Beagle

2. Poodle

3. Cocker Spaniel

4. Husky

5. Shar-Peir

6. Dalmatian

7. St. Bernard

8. Collie

9. Schnauzer

10. Dachshund

11. Great Dane

12. Chihuahua

13. Greyhound

14. German Shepherd

15. Bulldog

16. Doberman Pinscher

17. Shih Tzu

18. Lab Retriever

19. Basset Hound

20. Jack Russell Terrier




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